our most frequently asked questions
Can I "chip" the motor to exceed the standard 25km/h?

We do not recommend 'chipping' the motor of your electric bike as this may make the bike illegal under the country's law in which you are riding. It should also be noted that the manufacturer of the motor may void the warranty should they find out that the motor has been tampered with.

Please let us know which country your Evari will be ridden in and we will endeavour to fit the correct motor specified for that country.

What is the weight of the motor?

The Bosch CX Performance Line motor weighs 2.9kgs

How much torque does the motor produce?

The motor produces 85Nm of torque

How does the warranty work with the motor?

The Bosch motor has a 2 year warranty as standard if the product is not used in a commercial capacity.

How far can I go on one charge?

This is a common question for many eBikers. There is no definitive answer. The number and variety of influential factors is simply too great. Sometimes a single battery charge will take you less than 20 kilometres, while at other times it will take you much further than 80 kilometres.

Can I travel with my bike on a plane?

Usually, airlines do not allow lithium-ion batteries with a capacity greater than 100Wh. Please enquire with your airline before travelling  Most likely, you will have to arrange a battery at your destination or ship the battery separately by land (following the regulations for hazardous goods Class 9).

Should I take the battery off to charge it?

The battery can be charged by taking the unit off (if you need to charge it e.g. at your desk) or by using the onboard charger situated above the motor integrated in the frame.

How long does it take to charge a battery?

We ship all Evari's with the Bosch Fast Charger which charges to 50% in 1.2h and full capacity in 3h.

How should I sTore the battery if I'm not using it for a long time?

Your battery can remain in the bike whilst not being used, or simply take it out and store in a safe place.

Do I need to COMPLETELY drain the motor before charging it ?

No, with a modern Lithium ion battery there is no need to completely displace the battery prior to a charge

Do I need to remove the battery to clean the bike?

Please leave the battery in the bike during cleaning. The battery is concealed in the frame and along with the carbon fibre cover, it helps to prevent water ingress during cleaning.

What is the warranty for rohloff e14 speed-hubs?

Rohloff offer a 2 year warranty as standard.

The Rohloff E-14 has been developed with a focus on maximum durability and efficiency. Very few maintenance procedures are required so ensure this system remains in top condition.

Why did you Choose Rohloff?

We believe Rohloff have an incredible track record in reliability and are frequently chosen by long distance cyclists who want a fit and forget system with very little maintenance. We also believe the gear range offers the rider the ability to tackle any gradients they might face

Will I cope with just one gear on the single speed version?

We believe for most city environments without any major hills, one gear is a great simple, fuss free option. Please talk to us further to see if a single speed works for you.

What size should I get?

It depends how you like the bike to feel and we can adivse if in doubt, however, as a general guide please look at the frame details in the above geometry section.

WHat custom colour options are there?

If you take a look at our configurator, you will find a comprehensive list of colour options. This will be updated frequently, and we can mix any colour and finish you can imagine!

Can I get bearings for my front hubs?

Yes we can supply the necessary bearings for your wheels. They should last a long time as DT Swiss are renowned for the quality and longevity, if in the event that they are feeling loose or slightly gritty, we can replace them for you. These will be available in our app store

What hub standards are you running ( i.e. widths)?

Front hubs are 110mm Boost and 142mm Rear

What sort of spokes do you use

E-bikes have an increased amount of torque running through the rear wheel so we use the best spokes possible for our E-bikes. Sapim are one of the world leaders in spokes and we use their butted spokes called the 'strong spoke'. We can supply spares if needed

Why are those Rims so wide?

The trend to wider rims on road and mountain bikes is mainly to give the tyre a more rounded profile on the rim. This aids traction and rolling resistance

Are the wheels set up tubeless?

Not as standard, but they are tubeless compatible and this can be achieved quite easily with 42 mm rim tape from Schwalbe and tubeless tyre valves. We would also recommend using an appropriate sealant if you intend to install tubeless tyres. Please also ensure that the tyres are tubeless compatable.

Where can I get replacement brake pads from?

We would recommend Magura pads, although there are numerous versions of after market brake pads available.

can i set my brakes up as european or uk handed?

Yes we can set up the brakes to how you prefer and will ask you at the time of preference, as we export bikes around the world.

What size rotors are you using?

We spec 203 mm front rotors and 180 mm rear rotors for maximum brake performance.

How often will brakes need bleeding?

Disc brakes can occasionaly require bleeding to take excess air out of the system. The mineral fluid in Magura brakes is of the highest quality, and the brakes are fully bled prior to shipment so under normal use we wouldn't anticiapte them requiring a re-bleed for at least 300 hours use.

How much does the bike weigh?

Between 16kg - 19kg depending on the setup

Why use titanium for all the fixings ?

Titanium is incredibly strong and lightweight and is a perfect material for our fixings. Furthermore all our titanium screws have a PVD black coating (Physical Vapour Deposition) and are laser etched.

What grade of titanium do you use?

We use aerospace grade 6al 4v spec titanium

How long will it take for my bike to arrive

From the time of order placement to despatch we anticipate a lead time of 14-28 days, however, we will notify you of longer lead times if your requests for paintwork require more sourcing and development time.

Can I change the saddle to something more comfortable

Yes, we can supply saddles from Selle Italia but we have chosen the Novus Boost TM for its great comfort so we are pertty sure you will like it. This from Selle Italia:

Created with pure comfort in mind, the Novus Boost Evo TM Superflow is ideal for epic rides through the most challenging of landscapes. Completely redesigned from the ground up, this saddle is lightweight and comfortable thanks to its wave profile. This evolved design supports your ischial bones on long rides and Superflow cut-out reduces pressure on the perineum. The Manganese rails and short nose improve pedalling ergonomics, manoeuvrability, comfort and performance.

How does warranty work ?

Please inform us upon the purchase of your Evari to ensure your warranty relates reasonably to your purchase date. If you have a warranty request, please contact us at hello@evaribikes.com and we will work with you to solve the problem together.

Can I fit Mudguards?

Yes, we have attachments for mudguards, the mudguards are currently in development and will be released soon. We are producing these ourselves and will suit the bikes aesthetic as well as being highly functional.

Is there a maximum rider weight?

There is a maximum rider weight of 125Kgs

Where can I Test ride a bike?

If you are based in the UK, please give us a call and we can arrange a location.

Can I mount a child seat?

Not at present but this is something we are looking into.

Is it Ok to jet wash the bike?

We would advise against the use of a jet wash around an electric bike. Although all components have a waterproof rating, the forces from jet washers can eventually create water ingress issues.

Is the bike suitable for offroad use?

Your 856 bike is rated for light gravel/towpath off-road use, however, we do not advocate jumping on your bike as it is not designed with suspension front or rear. We would stress that the standard tyres are rated for light gravel use only.

Can I mount a handlebar bag?

Yes you can, however, the light may be obscured and so won't be suitable for night riding use if this is the case. Please always ensure that your lights are in full working order and the beams are not obscured whenever riding in the dark.