Carbon Monocoque +

The most advanced manufacturing techniques have been employed to create the 856 frameset.

The EPS (Expanded polystyrene) production method was chosen in creating the 856 .

Traditional carbon fibre monocoque construction utlises an airbag to create a cavity, by using multiple layers of liquid latex a more precise cavity can be produced.

This technique requires the extra expense of inner cavity tooling for each EPS shape but results in up to 20% higher stiffness weight-for-weight in key high stress areas of a bicycle frame compared to traditional airbag techniques. Long term structural delamination is also greatly reduced in key areas of components cured using EPS technique

• High modulus Carbon fibre monocoque
• Frame weight of 3.15 kilos
• Evari T30 titanium bolt package
• Relaxed “heads-up” geometry
• Elevated chainstay design for easy carbon belt removal
• Integrated electronics - TEI

Geometry & handling.

Road & Gravel
The 856 geometry was developed to ensure a fast and efficient riding position.

Equally at home on a gravel path or the smoothest tarmac. Our remit was to reduce weight across the bike to offset the additional e-bike component weight, ensuring the handling feels similar to a non-motorised  bicycle.

• 69.5 degree head angle
• 73.5 degree seat angle
• 1138mm wheelbase
• 410  mm reach
• 635 mm stack
Evari Carbon Monocoque

Carbon console.

integrated kiox
Utilising the Evari total electronic integration philosophy, we ensured the sleek lines and clutter-free nature of the handlebars are maintained by integrating the Bosch Kiox display into the removable carbon console.

Positioning the Kiox in the console ensures an ergonomic seamless appearance whilst riding.

The carbon console is meticulously crafted by our composite engineering team in the UK.
Evari Carbon Console

Titanium fixings.

perfect balance of strength & weight
Evari fixings are made of TI-6Al-4v.
TItanium was selected as the strongest and lightest material to ensure perfect tolerances and a precision fit.

We have standardised all the fixings with T30 Torx head and have coated them using a Physical Vapor Depositon (PVD) technique to improve the appearance and durability of the bolts. All bolts are then laser etched.

• TI-6AL-4V Titanium
• Standardised T30 Torx heads
• Physical Vapor deposition coating with laser etched graphics
Evari Titanium Bolts