Crafted e-bikes
for the ultimate riding experience.

Hand built in Silverstone for the ultimate All-Road urban explorer and long-distance traveller on two wheels.
phone: 07495 910780

The Evari team are dedicated to challenging and reshaping the e-bike paradigm. All aspects, whether it pertains to ride quality, aesthetics, stance, or functionality, are rigorously examined for opportunities to innovate and refine.

Evari isn't just a machine to its owners, but a fully engaging riding experience. Each bike represents a commitment to innovative design, engineering integrity, and the rider’s needs.

Established in 2018, Evari is the brainchild of Craig McDonald, a designer with a rich, international portfolio having worked in cities such as Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Dubai, and London. Engaged in BMX and Motocross racing during his younger years and mountain biking throughout Southern California while studying for his private pilot license in Santa Monica, Craig’s life has perpetually revolved around the mechanical and the kinetic. 

His career took a turn in London where he set up a CG and visual effects studio, contributing to projects including the opening ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics, and creating CG car launches for elite brands like Honda F1, The Blue-Flame for Goodyear, Ford and Jaguar Land Rover. Observing the emergent potential in the e-bike industry, Craig’s sketches gradually formulated into what became Evari in 2018. The expertise of Nigel Wood, previously of McLaren MSO, Mercedes AMG, and Jaguar Land Rover, soon enriched the Evari team.

Evari won the Start-Up Award at the Eurobike Awards 2021, with its 856 bike receiving acclaim for having 'disruptive innovation and engineering at its core'.

One judge said the Evari bikes 'evoke a feeling like driving a Porsche'

That affirmation validated Evari’s efforts, reflecting the integration of motorsports heritage to create a unique riding sensation.

Founded by Julia and Craig McDonald, Evari is grounded in the principle that strategic design and technological innovation can carve a path towards a healthier environment. As the Evari family expands from its Silverstone base, and now with its Dutch investment team, Evari casts our gaze forward into the thrilling future of personal mobility, contemplating its significant impact on the days to come.

Evari remain committed to innovating within this realm, ensuring its strategies and designs perpetually evolve in tandem with the dynamic landscape of personal transportation.

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