The Evari approach is to integrate where we can, making you more visible throuout the night.

Supernova lights are designed to work through the Bosch battery providing a turnkey approach, and are operated by the Kiox display. The front and rear lights are rated for 25km/h E-bike usage across Europe.

Supernova mini2 Integrated.

full integration
We have selected Mini2 Supernova light to integrate with the 856 to be safe, visible and flow seamlessly with the aesthetic we've created. The Supernova Mini2 is specifically designed to integrate with the laguna integrated bar.

• Fully Integrated Design
• 235 Lumens
Evari Supernova mini integrated lights

Non Integrated headlight.

Supernova V521S
The Supernova V521S  front light emits 235 lumens and takes minimal drain from the Bosch batteries.

We have integrated the light into our Solana two piece carbon handlebars, and whilst the light is fixed externally and can be removed, the cable has entry throught the stem and stem clasp to reduce clutter.

• Cables are routed through stem
• 235 Lumens

Integrated M99TL2.

To maintain Evari's minimalist aesthetic, the Supernova M99TL2 is integrated into the seatpost according to our TEI design principals.

The removal of the seatpost and the wiring loom is easily achieved with quick release couplings to detach the cable when the seat post needs to be removed.

• Evari designed seat post
• Supernova integrated M99 TL2
• Quick release wiring
• Visible from all angles