Bosch CX Performance Line.

The torque of up to 85 Nm has a noticeable effect on riding behaviour.

The 856 is powered by the Bosch Gen 4 performance line motor. This motor provides the balance between outright power and natural feel. The motor will effortlessly enhance the rider experience providing 85nm of torque.

This accelerates faster, particularly at low cadences, and makes uphill starts much easier. You therefore have more power available in difficult gears.

Bosch CX Performance Line.

Gen 4 performance line
• 85nm of torque
• Power delivery in tune with your effort for a natural feel up to 340%
• 6 different ride modes: Eco, Tour, Tour+, eMTB,  Sport and Turbo
• Compact form factor and light weight (2.9kilos)

Reserves of power.

Gen 4 performance line
The motor comes with 6 assist modes.
With Turbo mode selected you’ll get a 340% power boost to take on any hill that the landscape throws at you.

If you need to cover more ground, dial it down to Eco and cover up to 90 km on a single charge.
Bosch CX Performance line Motor

Bosch Powertube 500

intelligent lithium ion batteries
Bosch batteries are an efficient, long-life energy source. Thanks to their enormous mileage, long service life and intelligent Battery Management System (BMS), Bosch lithium-ion batteries are among the most modern on the market.

Bosch E-bike rechargeable batteries combine low weight with ergonomic design and simple handling.

The Battery Management System of the high-quality lithium-ion batteries detects potential sources of error and protects cells from overloading.
Bosch Powertube 500

BOSCH kiox

digital display with full integration
The KIOX display is integrated into Carbon cover for sporty rides and Connected Biking adventures. Used in conjunction with the eBike Connect app, Kiox, the robust display of the Bosch eBike Systems 2, lets you plan your routes with your riding data in view at all times.
Bosch Kiox display