Evari Series 8 Composite rims.

bespoke composite rims to compliment your ride.

We've worked tirelessly to produce a carbon rim that meets the modern demands of wider tyres seen on the roads of today. By using a wide rim, we can maintain the shape of a wider tyre, producing a tyre which has a uniform profile for predictable grip and low rolling resistance.

Weight: 580 grams.

Wide rim,
low profile.

19mm height / 45mm width
The Evari series 8 wheels use a 38mm wide internal profile and has a 45mm external width in a traditional 700c wheel size.

• Carbon Fibre Construction
• Wide footprint
• Low profile
• 32 Hole
• 29"
• 580 Grams
Evari Series 8 Composite rims

Carbon fibre as standard.

lightweight and supreme strength
• Unidirectional Carbon fibre
Evari Series 8 Composite rims