Rohloff E14 Speedhub.

High quality, precision bicycle transmissions. Providing a proven, durable construction and outstanding performance.

The Rohloff E14 speedhub  gears are an incredibly precise and reliable way of changing gear. The gear selection is made via a button located on the handlebar which can shift multiple or single gears at a time.

The Rohloff system is powered by the Bosch battery system  and synchronises the gears by slightly reducing the power output of the motor for a split second to enable a precise fast shift.

Rohloff are the choice of round the world cyclists as their minimal maintenance schedule is easily carried out via a lubrication port.The Bosch KIOX display works in tandem with the system to show the currently selected gear.

Super fast gear selection.

electronic shifting
Using a simple electronic button mounted on your handlebars. Gear shifts are precise, quick and effortless.

If the button is held down, the E14 shifting system will shift 3-gears at a time in sequence, and through all 14 gears if so desired.

A perfect range.

526% gear range
14 gears in the oversized hub which give a great spread for any incline enountered.

The spread of gears equates to a 526% range and provides the highest efficiency of any bicycle hub gear

• 14 electronic gear
• Oil port allows easy servicing every 5000 kms
• 526% gear spread
• Ultra fast 180ms shifting speed
Rohloff E14 Speedhub