Classified Powershift Technology

Experience the elegant simplicity of launch and cruise gears with a dual-speed, Bluetooth-controlled rear hub gearbox.
Evari Classified Powershift technology

Launch and Cruise

Classified's Powershift technology offers wireless gear-shifting that allows instant changes under full load. Initially engineered for road bikes to boost aerodynamics by eliminating the front cassette, the Classified team has broadened its scope to cater to all facets of cycling. The feature of having dual gears in the rear hub ensures seamless shifting and has versatile applications across the board.

Bluetooth Technology

The Classified system utilises cutting-edge Bluetooth controls, eliminating the need for traditional cables and serving two main benefits. First, it simplifies cable management complexities. Second, it lightens the overall system weight, thereby boosting both efficiency and ease of use.
Evari Classified Powershift technology
Evari Classified Powershift technology

Powershift Technology

Classified's Powershift technology is engineered to tackle even the most challenging scenarios. Capable of shifting under a full load of up to 1000 watts and performing in any weather condition within just 150 milliseconds, the system is truly versatile and leaves no situation unaddressed.

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