Evari drive system.

designed to provide an effective means of belt retention whilst also providing convenience for servicing or wheel removal.

The EDS system comprises of our frame design which incorporates elevated chainstays and includes titanium snubber and chain tensioner as a bespoke solution.

Evari series 8 belt tensioner

Series 8 belt tensioner.

Comprises two essential components to ensure tension of the belt drive. Manufactured from titanium it ensures the correct pressure is placed on the Gates drive belt to reduce slippage.

The tensioner can be easily adjusted so  the rear wheel can be removed in the event of a rear wheel puncture.

• Easily adjusted to remove rear wheel
• Titanium construction and T30 Torx fastenings
• Sprung ratchet arm to apply initial tension
• Eccentric wheels allows minute adjustment


bespoke platform for belt driven bikes
A key part of the Evari drive system is the ability to remove the belt drive without specialist tools.

Conventional frame designs mean that the frame needs to be split to allow belt removal.

We have designed the elevated stays to ensure that the belt can be easily removed.
Evari EDS