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The most expressive e-bike in the world.
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Geometry & handling.

Road & Gravel
The 856 geometry was developed to ensure a fast and efficient riding position.

Equally at home on a gravel path or the smoothest tarmac. Our remit was to reduce weight across the bike to offset the additional e-bike component weight, ensuring the handling feels similar to a non-motorised  bicycle.

• 69.5 degree head angle
• 73.5 degree seat angle
• 1138mm wheelbase
• 410  mm reach
• 635 mm stack
Evari Carbon Monocoque

Welcome to Custom Studio.

An opportunity for you to individualise, and revolutionise your e-bike experience. At Evari, we understand that first impressions are important. So too, are the enduring, engaging, truly eye-catching ones!
Which is why we go beyond the upgrade mainstream, and invite you to our inner realm of ultimate self-expression. Custom Studio and Custom Studio Plus. WITH CS, you can choose from a wide selection of stunning colours and lustrous finishes.
Pallets & Finishes.
Extensive market research and development resulted in the ultimate collection of colour ways from which to choose. Evari’s palette is extensive; inspired, in large part, by design forces far beyond that of the typical bicycle market.
The result is a Supercar-superlative colour range – in Matt or Gloss finishes - designed to accentuate the lines of the 856 whilst giving you the opportunity to be as bold or as subtle as you like.
Custom Colour

be as bold or as subtle as you like.
Studio Plus.
Take complete control of your destiny. With CS+The look, feel and performance of your CS+ e-bike only requires one thing…Your imagination!
Ownership of a CS+ e-bike is the ultimate expression of who you are, what you represent – and where you want to be.
Carbon Covers.

Tinted carbon covers to compliment your overall frame design/colour aesthetic. 
Let's create something that's truly one of a kind.
Our highly-skilled paint-shop team is super-charged with delivering exceptional-quality, faithfully-interpreted works of art and bespoke colour options.
 Once completed your unique e-bike will also be personally presented to your door by our white glove delivery service. (UK Deliveries only at the moment).
Our design and consultancy team will work closely with you, guide you through the process, make suggestions and take inspiration from the ideas that you have in mind.
Once you’re happy with your concept and our 3D renderings, we’ll then transform this vision into beautiful reality! 
Have it your way.
let your imagination run riot.