cockpit refinement

Full integration of cables and hoses throughout


The need for additional electronic controllers such as motor, gearbox and lighting often leads to a cluttered array of cables around the cockpit area.

TEI ensures full integration of cables and hoses required for an E-bike . It's our way of decluttering the cockpit and the bike in general.

We continue this philosophy inside the bike as we have specified all cables and hydraulic hoses use quick release connectors for easy servicing.


• Cable management system integrated into frame.
• Quick release hoses and cables for ease of servicing.
• Clean cockpit area, free of cables and clutter.


FULL integration

From the drawing board, we have taken the TEI approach which informed how we have routed the cables for the electronic components throughout the bike. Full integration for us means that lighting, motor, battery, computer displays and brake hoses are neatly positioned on the interior of the 856 frame and forks


total electronic integration
In designing the 856, we wanted to make the cockpit as clean as possible.

The cables are routed through the handlebars and stem which have been machined to accommodate all the cables and then into the oversized headtube via the Token Cable Box system.

The Token Cable Box is an ingenious patented solution to ensure all cables are routed through the headtube with no increased cable tension.

Token are highly regarded for their high quality bearings to keep your steering as smooth as possible.

• Precision bearings
• Internal cable routing
• Oversized headtube to accommodate cables


carbon console
We have positioned the Bosch Kiox ergonomically within the carbon console which when used alongside the Evari ride app creates a dashboard of ride data and route planning.

• Integrated into the carbon console
• Key metrics of your ride displayed
• Ability to upload navigation instructions
• Download e bike software updates