Totally disruptive.

Knowing we’ve created perhaps the finest e-bike in the world is, well, electrifying!

Our award-winning bikes wouldn’t have been possible without the collective skills of a core team of obsessive individuals.

Real people, hugely qualified, extremely dedicated - with an absolute passion for biking, who are the best within their respective fields.

So what fuels
our shared
It’s a hard-wired desire to do things differently. To shake up the make-up
of how bikes are built, designed, driven.

Here at Evari, we’re maddeningly meticulous and intrinsically curious.

The result is an e-bike experience like no other. A progressive product that’s undergone an exhaustive process of research, development, fresh thinking, sustained testing, and reinvention.

Evolution and revolution.
the inherent wish to just do the right thing. For you. For the planet. By us.

Stay tuned, plug into and play a part of the new developments that are already underway at Evari.

Dark matter.
The STEALTHIEST e-bike in the world